Team of the brave and fearless terriers
Scarlet и Break Through,
founders of Breeding Kennel ШармТон / CharmTon,
- Gentle and tender,
Brave and fearless,
Strong and vigorous,
In a maximum degree clever -
Well... The present Wheaten Terriers !
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Mechta Poeta Scarlet female, b.07.02.2004 - JChRUS, Ch.RUS, BLR, UKR, 2xChRKF, 4xCACIB, R.CACIB, 12xCAC, 4xJCAC, R.CAC, 3xCC, 8xBOB, 10xBestFemale, 15xCW, 4xBest JUNIOR.
Modny Style Break Through male, b.07.08.2005, - JChRUS, Ch.RUS, RKF, 5xCAC, 4xJCAC, 5xBOB, 4xBestMale, 9xCW, 4xBest JUNIOR.

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pithets the data by ours wheaten Scarlet and Break Through in heading of a site not the self-eulogy by the owner of the dogs, and definitions taken from the Breed Standard Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier FCI №40 from 01.02.2001, according to which is conducted cultivation of these charming dogs. In Russia this breed has appeared recently, first wheaten have delivered in 1991, but by 2006 in Russia was born more than 70 litters of these wonderful dogs. But what this drop in the Russian sea of dogs, especially Sprayed from Kaliningrads up to Vladivostoks ! And you see in USA these dogs were recognized only in 1962, and now it is most Breed of dog, popular in them, among the terriers.
 know why? Wheaten is not a simply happy dog, it makes the happy owners, if, certainly, they can realize, that them so was lucky. Also believe, that such characteristic give to the wheaten terriers on many sites devoted to these dogs in different parts of the world.
 y the way, the name of our Kennel «Charm Ton» as though once again shows, that occurs about you, when in the your home the Wheaten settles.

We hope, that our site will help even anybody to meet this wheaten miracle.
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News of the site

16.03.08 - in section Photogallery the new pages are added.
23.03.07 - our site has received the maximal rating of the editor of the popular search machine and catalogue «@MAIL_RU», is placed in section Домашний очаг / Home center» Кошки и собаки / the Cat and dog» Питомники собак Москвы / Kennels of Moscow.
01.03.07 - we have received in RKF the certificate on registration in FCI of our Kennel
ШармТон / CharmTon.
27.01.07 - Break Through at the Dog Show - National CAC in Moscow became the champion РФОС and has received fifth CAC.
10.12.06 - Break Through at the Dog Show - National CAC in Moscow became the champion RKF, the champion РФЛС and has received fourth CAC.
19.11.06 - Break Through at the Dog Show - CAC in Moscow has received third CAC and fifth BOB.
18.11.06 - Break Through at the Dog Show - CAC in Moscow has received second CAC and became the Champion of Russia.
12.11.06 - Break Through, having reached age of an intermediate class, at the Dog Show - National CAC in Moscow has received the first adult CAC and title of the champion РФСС.
30.09.06 - Scarlet at the International Dog Show CACIB-FCI "RUSSIA - 2006" in Moscow became the winner of an open class and has received twelfth САС.

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